What is strategy and what types of marketing strategies are there?

The By Yona Cymerman, Growthanomics strategist I’ve been “in strategy” for over 15 years. So two months ago, when the awesome Nili Goldberg posted that she was putting together a group of the best marketing strategists in Israel, of course I put my dance card in. Not sure which is right for you? Learn more […]

Marketing talk for CEO’s and entrepreneurs

הקליקו לראות את רשימת הקריאה של נילי גולדברגג

This content list served the Align & Grow masterclass. 4 sessions that compounded week by week while we were all in quarantine.  Our goal: help recalculate our marketing route, identify the right path to growth and run resourceful marketing activities. This is also a thank you note to the amazing Springboard community. However, you can […]

The one thing you really need is a Hit List

Nili Goldbergs Marketing secrets

We don’t know how long it will be before we can get back to our “usual” marketing and growth activities and budgets. This is what will help any CEO and marketer move forward. Regardless. One of our last posts dealt with a spectrum of humanitarian and business scenarios for the next year. From the optimistic […]

Planning for what’s next – scenario planning in the wake of COIVD-19

Post covid19 scenarios by Nili GOldberg nd Uri Goldberg

Yep, it feels like the end of the world. But this is the time for business leaders to make educated decisions about the direction their companies are going to take during the COVID-19 downfall – and hopefully come out on top when we come out the other end of this thing. To help do this, […]

Conference Cancelled by COVID-19? Here’s 3 Ways to Get Ahead.

Live up to your sales and marketing goals without having to board a plane or leave your home office. Many industries still focus their business efforts in an outbound manner — from hunting down new opportunities to demonstrating capabilities and closing deals. Hopping on planes, attending conferences worldwide and meeting at the prospects headquarters. Be […]

How to build a resilient COVID-19 strategy.


Lessons from the 2008 financial crisis.  And a cheat map to get you going. Learn More The daily experience of business leaders suggests that the current crisis may last longer and have a much more harmful consequences than previously expected. The main reason for this is that as this crisis unfold, unlike a singular breakdown, […]

How to use the 4-elements of alignment to reveal new sales opportunities

Or: The hack an established jewelry brand in the offline world used to boost its online growth. Hint? A combo of its data and attentivity. As marketers and salespeople, once we’ve caught our audience’s attention and penetrated their minds, we move to hunt for compelling events that would lead to an actual sale. When it […]

A new growth hack – Diversity

Nili Goldberg and Eyal Doron talk about creativity and diversity

On the hunt for product market fit? Looking to find a new offer to dramatically decrease churn? Your audience is “just not getting it”. This word – diversity is not just part of “the buzz”. Here’s what I learned while looking for creative ways to get creative. I’ve been working with tech companies to design […]

The 10 commandments for any startup at any stage

Post Q1, Passover and Easter break, time for spring cleaning and reflecting. I found these were the 10 rules I followed in the past couple of months with the startups I’ve been working with. Big or small, seed or scaling like crazy – these were my guidelines day in day out. As for this quote. […]