The 10 commandments for any startup at any stage

Post Q1, Passover and Easter break, time for spring cleaning and reflecting. I found these were the 10 rules I followed in the past couple of months with the startups I’ve been working with. Big or small, seed or scaling like crazy – these were my guidelines day in day out.

Many startups have a real reason why it’s not the right time to put themselves out there.
However, only after talking to tens of contacts and leads we truly know what sells product and pitch put together.
No funnel was created perfectly. Don’t wait.
There is always a way to sell. Even before you think you are ready.

As for this quote. It’s mine. And it’s the reason I don’t hit the send button before I’m absolutely sure. It’s called RESPECT. And, I assure you it converts better too 馃檪

One of my favorite strategy sessions! For the past 5 years this unique systematic process has helped many startups think out of the box and find solutions they never believed were truly under their nose. Anything from turning a team of data scientists to data consultants and outsmart enterprise competitors, to one of the founders hiring their brother to lead his most crucial task force. Did I mention this is my favorite strategy session ever?
Just please… come open minded and attentive. Who knows..

This following quote is taken from Rahul Vohra, the founder and CEO of Superhuman . For the past 6-months this is my rule of thumb. It simplifies the debate of whether any startup has or hasn’t reached product market fit. Also, it enabled me to develop a whole process to test and optimize efforts – and get to the PMF holy grail. Use it!


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