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FREE marketing mastermind 

for creators & entrepreneurs                                        

September 20th at 1:30 pm EST

We will work together to:

– Crystalize our value and value promise.

– Find our unique voice

– Craft our message & language

– Build our landing pages and social media profiles

– Create content to post on social media


Better Together 

80% of us want to grow our audience. 88% of us work alone. That sucks.

In 5 weeks I grew my LinkedIn audience by 7.3% – organically  

Plus: I got over 600 views on my TikTok story with just 52 followers.

How? Using the process I will share with you for FREE!

Why am I doing this? Because I need your help. I don’t want to create alone either.

Want a free invite? Click the button, tell me who you are and what is your marketing challenge. It’s FREE of charge. No credit cards required.

Nili G works with creators and entrepreneurs to grow their audience

With Nili, I analyzed my goals and found my voice, created a unique language for my startup, content for my site, and social media posts. Fast.

Boaz Cohen, CEO Silverback

Boaz Cohen

Silverback, CEO

Early stage businesses need to look bigger, greater and very experienced. Nili helped us find the words and marketing move that would position us as industry leaders”

Ofer Limon 6 over 6

Ofer Limon

6 over 6 (acquired), CEO

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