Build your 2021
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In this Masterclass you will...

How to set goals that will take your company to the next level

Does your business goal for 2021 look something like this, “Increase revenue to $5M” or “Hire more salespeople”? Although reasonable goals for any company the problem is that they are missing key components to help them stick

How to define clear KPIs that will prove you've achieved your goal

When last did you get a high-five at the watercooler? Or better yet heard your VP Sales say “Thanks to marketing leads we crushed our sales goals this quarter. Way to go Marketing Team!!!!” Probably never! But that doesn’t mean your activities don’t count. Instead it often means that you simply need to define better KPIs to track your success

What you're missing in order to reach your goal

2020 definitely threw some curve balls. But now that we know what the worst could look like how do we ensure we are sufficiently insulated from any further surprises? These are just some of my secret sauce I’ll teach you about

How to leverage existing resources to achieve your goal

Marketing is no longer a one-(wo)man show. You need to learn how to use your internal resources to build custom task force for your varying projects

How to align with what your audience needs and wants

As Henry Ford once said if you ask customers what they want they most likely would say faster horses. But how do you ensure your product is not so way ahead of market demand that you miss your audience completely? It’s all about timing and in this masterclass we will show you exactly how to anticipate the right time to take your product to market

Faastr analyzed the specific business vertical we wanted to grow in and pinpointed the right language and flow from concept to brief while our in-house work force kept focused on their daily tasks

Oded Zehavi

Payoneer, CRO

Early stage B2B companies like us need to look bigger, greater and very experienced. Faastr understood our “status” first hand and suggested a move that would position ourselves as knowledgeable industry leaders

Ofer Limon

GlassesOn, CEO

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A peek into the life of Nili

They all ask me: ‘WHY are YOU so different’?

Why you? Can you send me some information about how you work?

I say: It takes one to know one. I speak your language. I am an entrepreneur too with decades of experience helping companies go-to-market. And since I can truly put myself in your shoes we can create an amazing language for your company.

This masterclass is aimed at breaking down your challenges and introducing you to a proven system that will bring you the results that really matter.

So if you are longing to get proven and actionable guidance on how to set up your marketing plan to bring real success then this masterclass will get you there.

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