Without spending weeks trying to figure it out yourself or spending crazy resources on agencies

Our system is called a BOOSTCAMP
It only takes half a day.
It costs less than a set of landing pages
It leaves you with:

Clarity about your company’s next steps and how marketing can help

You know there’s a problem, something’s just not right. But you can’t put your finger on it exactly. The Boostcamp leaves you with a clear understanding and prioritization of the next steps you need to take to grow, in the most resourceful manner.

Focus on the KPIs the matter most

We’ll translate your company’s vision into your north star KPI and progress indicators. Then we will reverse engineer your stepping stones to get there.

Uncover your secret assets

No more if only’s and what ifs. The most successful companies work with whatever assets they have. Faastr’s systematic growth process debriefs your actions to extract the assets the miss the eye.. No need to spend more funds before bringing them in.

Get a detailed roadmap to achieve your goals

The Boostcamp process turns every conversation to a mapping session. Ones we identify your north star and missing links we' will systematically brainstorm to determine your best alternative moves, map them on a calendar and make sure their deliverables are clear.

Leave with a comprehensive marketing and content outline

When we are through, you’ll deeply understand your marketing roadmap and know what you need to do for the next 6-18 months. Filling in the content and tasks will turn into an easy and ongoing task.

Nili came out of nowhere and swept us off our feet. At the end of the process we were able to describe what we do and what makes our customers shine into words. The process was fast and enlightening.

Ido Volff

COO & Co-founder superQuery

Tough cookie, yet delivered with love and a smile. Was on to me from the moment I pitched. These Boostcamp sessions left us with an action plan and a desire to get the job done.

Ariel (Ari) Shahaf

Luxury Real Estate Advisor at Miles Goldstein Real Estate

Ready to build a marketing strategy that truly impacts your business?

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What they often say...

We don’t need you anymore.

Thanks for nailing our message, thanks for helping us hack that campaign, and thanks for helping us stand out. We are now moving fast and need you on board full time….. or, not at all.

It’s like being a mom to a dozen kids.. well startups. Eventually, they spread their wings and fly.

But just like any proud mom and dad out there, when they are out there living their dream and scaling their startup in a way they only dreamed of – it makes me smile and say – that’s my kid all right.

Excited to become one of my ‘kids’? Here’s your chance…

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