Funnels, Funnels, Funnels. A short read that maps out the differences between the sales, marketing and experience funnels we use

In the past months we at Growthanomics have been missionary about the “Experience Funnel”. We started out by laying the common grounds for “Voice of Customer” and “Customer Experience” based discussion and terminology. The next steps were to show how ‘The Experience Funnel’ along with the new tools it brings on board, potentially upgrades and optimizes the existing system, concept and model of the marketing funnel.

This isn’t a discussion crowning one funnel better than another. Eventually they are complimentary. Each funnel offers a different perspective, which together may bring a meaningful positive change to your business:

The Marketing Funnel: What stage are the personas in vis a vis the brand and their purchase intent.

The Sales Funnel: What is the likelihood of people who are at each stage of the funnel to commit to our brand and or to purchase our product or service.

The Experience Funnel: What is the state of mind our personas should be in, in order to move down each stage of the sales and marketing funnels.

When layering and working up and down these three funnels, we receive the most complete picture. Then, with the right set of tools and data, we can easily pin point and highlight the exact interactions and experiences which will add the most value to our business performance. These experiences are implemented online or through face to face interactions, depending on the stage and context we tackle. Where and how do these experiences reflect on our business goals and KPI’s? Usually throughout the ones we define on all three funnels altogether.

I left off for my new years holiday feeling most of the conversations on customer experience are either abstract and psychological or extremely focused on specific tools and technologies being promoted. Also, following my previous posts I was asked about the connection and misconnection between the sales, marketing and experience funnels. So, for my personal benefit and thought process, I spent the beginning of this year with a personal task of mapping out the main values each funnel brings based on the three parameters and buzz words we all encounter in every management meeting: The customer journey, its stages within the funnels, metrics and measurements and business KPI’s.

I’d love to know what you think, and I would really appreciate your add ons and point of views.

Wishing us all a year be filled with great experiences.

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