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How to know if you are on message?

Your pipeline is steadily growing month over month

Your funnel is converting better every time you optimize

Investors are saying "WOW! it's like ___ but ___"

Your sales team loves the content you create for them

Nili came out of nowhere and swept us off our feet. At the end of the process we were able to describe what we do and what makes our customers shine into words. The process was fast and enlightening.

Ido Volff

COO & Co-founder superQuery

Tough cookie, yet delivered with love and a smile. Was on to me from the moment I pitched. These Boostcamp sessions left us with an action plan and a desire to get the job done.

Ariel (Ari) Shahaf

Luxury Real Estate Advisor at Miles Goldstein Real Estate

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What they often say...

We don’t need you anymore.

Thanks for nailing our message, thanks for helping us hack that campaign, and thanks for helping us stand out. We are now moving fast and need you on board full time….. or, not at all.

It’s like being a mom to a dozen kids.. well startups. Eventually, they spread their wings and fly.

But just like any proud mom and dad out there, when they are out there living their dream and scaling their startup in a way they only dreamed of – it makes me smile and say – that’s my kid all right.

Excited to become one of my ‘kids’? Here’s your chance…

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