How to take what you already know to

Drive ongoing engagement with your audience and keep them coming back for more

Drive ongoing engagement with your audience and keep them coming back for more

In this Marketing Boost Camp you will

Identify exactly what content is crucial for your progress (and what’s just nice to have)

You need a website? Website fixes? 3 e-books and a massive amount of blog posts that you already have the titles for? Or is it your social media profiles and email nurture campaigns that are on hold? Within less than 2-hrs you’ll know exactly what to focus on.

Unleash your creativity block

Struggling to get started with content creation? Spending weeks on back-and-forth conversations with your team and content writers and designers? Nothing seems to be good enough? Once clarity will kick in so will your creative flow. Take it from us. We’ve done this hundreds of times.

Get the most out of your existing resources and assets

You don’t have to start everything from scratch. In addition to the new content you need we can make sure no one misses the content that already did a good job with your audience.

Finalize the content you need to build and nurture your pipeline - In one day!

We all want to launch our amazing marketing initiatives though we’re always waiting for the right time, waiting to get in the groove, to focus, to get inspired, to get the whole team involved, waiting for someones comments and feedback. Imagine leaving all that waiting behind and just getting it done - with the best content team around you to support every step.

We knew we needed to follow up with all of the people we met in the past two years. Every couple of weeks we sent out an email to make a sound. Ever since the content marathon we engage everyone we know with great emails, infographics and ebooks. We finally feel like we look as good as we really are! We spend tens of hours on our one pager – and it still wasn’t good enough. We spent hundreds of dollars paying copywriters by the hour. The content marathon got our one pager ready to send, our website content aligned with the one pager and a set of Linkedin posts to keep our audience engaged – in one day. Even though our company is over five years old – when it came to pitching for a major funding round I just couldn’t find the words. The content marathon was the fastest, most cost efficient way to turn our beautiful story into a business pitch that simply works.

Gili Lichtman

Former Co-Founder and CMO/ Fairfly

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