Reverse engineer yourGoals

to Monthly Achievements

In this Clarity Session you will...

Uncover how you can truly support your sales funnel

Once you have a wish list of customers the next step is understanding what are their triggers in order to build a marketing plan that drives them to seek your solution

Clarify your marketing goals by prioritizing just three

Your marketing goals must break through the noise and stay focused on the sales needs without compromising the brand message, the challenge you solve and your solution

Understand how to leverage existing resources and assets

You never really start from scratch. Every business has resources they can tap into for information. This is the time to map out these resources and assets

Determine how to calculate your potential

Your success depends on your way to gain clarity and keep track of your distribution efforts in terms of budget, time and conversion rates

Put milestones in place in order to double check your plan serves its purpose

It’s easy to get sidetracked by those matters that appear urgent and important but your focus really needs to be on those matters that are important and not urgent. Setting specific checks and balances will ensure you stay

The Clarity Session got me to realise how many different approaches there were to reaching my marketing and business goals. At the end I was able to prioritize my efforts, identify the fast tracks and keep track of what’s working so I could easily replicate it.

Oded Zehavi

Payoneer, CRO

Early stage B2B companies like us are often overwhelmed with how much there is to do when it comes to our go-to-market strategy. The Clarity Session definitely lived up to its name. We gained such a clear understanding of where we need to put our resources and energy and not be side-tracked by every new shiny object

Ofer Limon

GlassesOn, CEO

Ready to focus on the marketing goals that will truly impact your business?

This is a
attend if

You are not sure what exactly is your next step

You are finding it difficult to move from plan to execution of your marketing strategy

Your team is finding it difficult to agree on the best approach to reach your audience

You are not sure exactly which KPIs you should consider to measure progress

You simply want to bounce your ideas off someone who has successfully done this before….many times

Have you ever thoughtabout this

Which type of leader are you? “Wait and see” or “See what I can do”
There is no right or wrong answer.

In 2021, nearly both types of leaders can help their teams focus on minor adjustments that will put all their hard work to use – and not to wait.
But what is often missing is the ability to focus and know what’s important to help your company gain traction early.
This is the purpose of the clarity session – to help you close the gaps in order to reach your goals.

Are you ready?

Let's set your 2021 marketing goals together