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Identify your real challenge

Find the right process to achieve your goals fastest

Choose from the best consultants we found to suit YOUR needs

Manage and oversee your process and results
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our team

Nili Goldberg

Founder, CEO and chief strategist

Eran Fuchs

Co-founder and head of finance 

Yana Taitelbaum

The wacky head of creative design

Omer Kirshenboim

Operations lead

the story

After shutting down the lights on what I thought then my dream life and first startup I had to reinvent myself personally and business wise. What started as a one woman show that built marketing strategies and brands became a strategy and Interim CMO quickly turned into a process that helps marketing teams work as systematically as any tech and product team. The FAASTR system proved itself as a win win for both sides: companies that are hungry to level up their game. And, experienced strategists who want to help the best companies, get the acknowledgment they deserve without sacrificing their life balance. When you trust the System – it works. That’s why we’re back in the entrepreneurial vibe: building a unique managed marketplace for marketing and growth strategies to serve at scale.


Rather than your typical branding or marketing agency, Faastr is a professional network of top growth experts and marketing strategists trained in our unique methodology. Each member of our multidisciplinary team brings his or her own perspective and experience – from scrappy startups to major brands; from boutique agencies to the biggest firms. We constantly collaborate and work together to help your company overcome whatever challenges it may be facing, building a custom taskforce for each project.

Trust the FAASTR System