3 new words that nail every marketing brief: Feeling, Itch & Urge

The feeling I get when connecting to an experience I want.
The Itch I get when that experience is out of reach.
The Urge I have to make it MINE.

Within a minute, I hope, you too will connect to these 3 words, their power over the experience our customers enjoy and and their effect on our business results. Combine the 3 questions below in any marketing brief & LMK what happened.

The feel:

That little tingle I get the moment I sniff the air at Sephora as I walk inside their union square store.

Stupid, but the little teardrop I feel mixed with the sensation of watching this GoPro video and listening to ‘Riptide’ . (The teardrop is probably for: I wish that could be me… ).

Or the excitement I feel while jumping down the stairs and stepping into my regular dance studio in Tel Aviv, knowing it’s ME time now. With Ballet, Hip Hop, Zumba, Jazz, Flamenco and pole dancing music all combined in the hallway. I get excited to blend in and a rush of eagerness to ace the combination. (Though I must admit the smell there is the total opposite of the one that hits me when I step into Sephora on Union square if you know what I mean). I will leave out the links to our class video out just this once 馃槈

The itch:

Hmmm. I want to feel that way. I want THAT myself. Now! That totally goes for the smell at Sephora and when watching the GoPro video.

I don’t get that when stepping into the studio, but rather the hour before when I am still stuck at work, or preparing dinner for the girls and hearing them fight… The itch of saying: ‘Here’s your pasta, salad, and drinks….Too-da-loo ‘ (I love my partner… he looks me in the eye and says: ‘babe I think you should head out to the studio’).

The Urge:

When the itch turns to an urge I gotta feed the beast. And then I act. (next step in the conversion funnel) I land in the store, and fill up a shopping cart full of Shampoos, hand creams and oils. No Sephora? I go online for 2nd best. I also connect it with my urge to feel I found the best deals so I go through a fun discovery process of an ex soldier in the intelligence force. You know how the urge for dance class ended right? Well let me just share that GoPro’s video, and my 40th birthday got me to the Urge of a surf vacation. Yes, I also acted on that.

The 3 questions:

1. What feeling do I want my users and customers to have when landing on my site, watching my video or reading the next post? (Ex: Wow it’s so simple to… I can really shine ! Cool me! The insights I wanted are literally in the palm of my hand – Wait till the team see’s my presentation this week – HAHA)

2. What is the itch I want them to have – some call it ‘the pain’.

3. Urge: What will they really want to do after the feeling turns into an itch? Walk up to the fridge? Put on their sneakers or dancing shoes? click and open Kayak, expedia and booking.com? Update their resume and linkedin profile? Find the cheapest software to edit or get analytics or upgrade their contact center?

BTW, sometimes, for some people, these sensations create an opposite urge. They make them want to stick their head in the ground and feel nothing. That’s a whole different funnel. And then again – aren’t we lucky most people want to feel happy, fulfilled, well accomplished and proud?

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