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This content list served the Align & Grow masterclass. 4 sessions that compounded week by week while we were all in quarantine. 

Our goal: help recalculate our marketing route, identify the right path to growth and run resourceful marketing activities.

This is also a thank you note to the amazing Springboard community. However, you can quickly scroll and reach one of my go-to-list for marketing strategies, tactic how-to’s and tools.👇🏾 Backhand Index Pointing Down: Medium-dark Skin Tone Emoji

When I was making my way in the startup world in the US of A I came across Springboard Enterprises. I will never forget how Amy Millman, one of Springboards two amazing founders, gave me a leg up. Amy came up to me at an event they co-hosted and invited me to present at a big demo day the following day. She made me feel like I belong.

To me, that acknowledgment meant the world. A CEO is a somewhat lonely job. The back wind I received helped me ace the race down New York city’s concrete pavements of dreams. That week I also scored a few interesting leads and pilots. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Finally, My turn to give back to the Springboard community has come. Lately, I joined forces with Anna Consani and Mary JacksonSpringboard’s VPs for community and partnerships. Together, we launched a hands on masterclass marketing series. From clarity to execution.

Our goal was to help an amazing group of Springboard’s alumnae recalculate their route and find alignment and with their audience. Also we helped them uncover resourceful ways to move forward and look bigger and greater.

Funny. Whenever I share my knowledge and experience with others it feels like I get more than I gave. This one topped most of my past experiences. These smart women kept me on my toes. 

When Amy wanted to share the links with Springboard’s expanded network I rose up to the curation challenge.  I wanted to to create a list that is insightful, actionable, easy to follow, and not too time consuming. A blend of my passion for strategy with content that simplifies execution. 

I hope you will find focus, clarity and inspiration in the below list. They are my personal go to’s. Some of them have been on my list for years and are still relevant. Some of the references below link to my content.  The list connects our discussions throughout our 4-session masterclass. The new add-ons answer questions that you asked during our meetings.

Want to move faster?

The tiny book shelf:

1. Get into the marketing mindset. Russel Brunson’s Expert Secrets

If there is one book you will ever read about marketing, this should be it. It’s not the usual manual or big brand case study. But rather, a way to structure your thought process. From the storytelling to the execution plan.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in or who are you selling to. If you get these fundamentals in place you’ll stay on top of your game.

It can also help you when working with marketers. It can help you ask the most relevant questions in marketing and strategy meetings.


2. A customer centric product related design strategy. Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days. This book is by Jake Knapp

This book will help you lead product design processes without ever forgetting your customers (real needs). Whether you ever end up running a full design sprint or use a few tips and tricks to get your team going. This amazing read, with g stories and guidelines is highly valuable for anyone who has a product to release.


3. Leading a branding process with “Designing brand identity” by Alina Wheeler. 

The last book on this post’s tiny book shelf is “Designing brand identity” by Alina Wheeler. A brand evolves. Regardless of launch phases, the pros address their brand every 18-24 months. Sometimes a full blown process is required. At other times, a touch up or adjustments to new values or a change in your product, your audience or a sales process.

Read this book whether you are a marketer or just need to lead your company into a branding process. It will make sense of the branding language that may be distant and unclear. That’s the case with many of the entrepreneurs and executives I meet. Naturally, we don’t code – right?

Short insightful marketing, sales and growth related reads.

In case you’ve missed it – has amazing SaaS related content.


Product market fit:

If you joined my sessions you heard me mentioning that there is a way to identify your product market fit. Follow the process in this post by ____ . You’ll get so many relevant insights from your customers. They will go way beyond “I sell X to Y because they Z”

Building your product and business model? Raise you chance to succeed by following one of these 13 network effects models.

Another resource from NFX lays out the 4 remaining defensible assets for founders:


Those of you who joined our sessions experienced first hand how to use this amazing tool. Identify resources and assets that can serve your goal and are in your possession.

Mapping canvases:

A Customer journey mapping canvas to guide your thought process. Hint: it’s about the touch points your customer must go through on their journey to success.
A value mapping canvas activity that can help you nail the essence of what you stand for.
The one thing you really need. It gives you clarity. It focuses your attention on both the sales and marketing front. And between you and me, it’s your startup’s first manifestation tool.
Get inspired with these commandments for startups

Sales calls and meetings:

Coaching your sales team? Make sure they cross out these 3 items off their checklist on every sales call.


Decided to run your messaging project internally? Make sure these deliverables are on your checklist:

You find it hard to put your sales cap on? Try this instead:

Marketing tools and tactics:

This guy, @Tzvika Avnery stacked up these resources, plugins and apps to help you automate and live up to your marketing challenges. I trust him. He built his company from the ground. He is both strategic thinking and a hands on growth hacker.

Hubspot knows best. Whenever I need a ball park figure I turn here.

Ad spend calculator

Email marketing Do’s and don’ts

Linkedin Stats


I hope you find this list somewhat useful for your needs. Also, you know where to find me for more. Good luck!

Nili G

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