Grow your


What is 
your value?
your promise?
your goal?
– Communicate your value in a clear and simple way.
– Create your unique language in words and vibes.
– Build your digital assets and content.
– Analyze your results and optimize.
– Find your perfect market fit.
– Reach your audience
– Ace your business goals.

Get the strategy, the playbook and
the hand- holding to grow your brand

Half Day Strategy Boostcamp

Outline your yearly marketing plan.
Identify your monthly themes and content pillars.

1 Day Content Marathon

Plan & create the content you need to grow your audience.

One day = outreach plan and content for one month*

The Mastermind

Find your value, find your voice, create your language and test your messages.

Build your brand
Find your market fit.

Not sure which is right for you?

Clueless?No Problem.

Don’t know where to start? How long has that been going on for?          Follow this free video this is the first step you need.  With your vision, mission statement and values you can uncover your message and build your content and grow your audience.

DIY Marketing

Power is gained by sharing knowledge – not hoarding it.
Here are some free tools, resources and templates to get you started.

Who we've gone deep with

Gili Lichtman Former Co-Founder and CMO Fairfly

“Move in the right direction…FAST”

Thanks to ‘The Sprint’ in less than 3 weeks we found the personas who really mattered to us, we gained clarity through data analysis on our acquisition and onboarding funnels and launched a detailed strategy,content and distribution plan. In the fast pace startups move accuracy, alignment and speed are key. ‘The Sprint’ got us to move forward in the right direction, together, faster.

Yoni Tserruya Founder and CEO Lusha

“Full alignment between business, sales & marketing goals”

Being a “techi” ‘The Sprint’ and its methodology made a lot of sense to me. ״ Within 2 weeks we aligned our sales and marketing challenges with our business goals, found the fastest path to growth and got a detailed plan, a clear brand and the needed content to move forward.

Ofer Limon Founder and CEO 6over6

(acquired by 1-800 Contacts)

Early stage B2B companies like us need to look bigger, greater and very experienced. Faastr understood our “status” first hand and suggested a move that would position ourselves as knowledgeable industry leaders.

Where left brain meetsRight brain.

FAASTR answers your need for fast strategizing, high level processes and vetted CMOs. Our professional internal marketplace of growth experts and marketing strategists are vetted, trained and certified in our unique “Fast Aligned Strategy” process and methodologies.

FAASTR is not an agency!